Demon Hunter - Discografía

Demon Hunter es una banda cristiana de metal, metalcore o metal cristiano (White metal, Nu Metal, Metal Alternativo) para ser mas exactos; procedente de Seattle, Washington. Sus letras suelen ser oscuras, misteriosas y agresivas y, por eso, muchos de sus fans no se dan cuenta de que es una banda religiosa.

A principios de 2010, la banda ha vendido más de medio millón de discos.

Demon Hunter - Demon Hunter - [2002]


  1. Screams of the Undead
  2. I Have Seen Where It Grows
  3. Infected
  4. My Throat Is an Open Grave
  5. Through the Black
  6. Turn Your Back and Run
  7. And the Sky Went Red
  8. As We Wept
  9. A Broken Upper Hand
  10. The Gauntlet

Demon Hunter - Summer Of Darkness - [2004]


  1. Not Ready to Die
  2. The Awakening
  3. Beheaded (featuring Mike Williams of The Agony Scene)
  4. My Heartstrings Come Undone
  5. Our Faces Fall Apart (featuring Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage)
  6. Less Than Nothing
  7. Summer of Darkness
  8. Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator (featuring Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists)
  9. Annihilate the Corrupt
  10. I Play Dead
  11. Everything Was White
  12. Coffin Builder (featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)
  13. The Latest and the Last

Demon Hunter - The Triptych [2005]


  1. The Flame That Guides Us Home
  2. Not I
  3. Undying
  4. Relentless Intolerance
  5. Deteriorate
  6. The Soldier’s Song
  7. Fire to My Soul
  8. One Thousand Apologies
  9. The Science of Lies
  10. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck (Prong cover)
  11. Ribcage
  12. The Tide Began to Rise

Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell [2007]


  1. “Storm the Gates of Hell”
  2. “Lead Us Home”
  3. “Sixteen” (ft. Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice)
  4. “Fading Away”
  5. “Carry Me Down”
  6. “A Thread of Light”
  7. “I Am You”
  8. “Incision”
  9. “Thorns”
  10. “Follow the Wolves”
  11. “Fiction Kingdom”
  12. “The Wrath of God”

Demon Hunter – 45 Days [2008]


  1. Closing In
  2. Turn Loose The Hounds
  3. Ours Alone
  4. The Deep
  5. Dust And Smoke
  6. Purified In The Storm
  7. The Scars We Don’t See
  8. Perseverance
  9. Fading Away (Acoustic Version)
  10. Carry Me Down (Piano Version)

Demon Hunter – The World Is A Thorn [2010]


  1. Descending Upon Us
  2. Lifewar
  3. Collapsing (ft. Bjorn “Speed” Strid)
  4. This Is The Line
  5. Driving Nails
  6. The World Is A Thorn
  7. Tie This Around Your Neck
  8. Just Breathe (ft. Christian Alvestam)
  9. Shallow Water
  10. Feel As Though You Could (ft. Dave Peters)
  11. Blood In The Tears

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